This summer the RCVS introduced new changes that meant from January 2020 the CPD requirement would move to annual CPD, meaning vets would be required to complete 35 hours a year and veterinary nurses would need to complete 15 hours per year. This replaces the current CPD policy of 105 hours for vets and 45 hours for veterinary nurses over a rolling 3-year period.

Since announcing these changes the RCVS has received feedback from veterinary professionals with their concerns and following this feedback they have now made two key additions to the CPD policy to support vets and veterinary nurses through this transition.

The first of the two changes is to give vets and veterinary nurses the option to take a ‘CPD pause’ when personal circumstances need to be considered. This means that, for planned periods away from work, such as parental leave, and exceptional circumstances, such as serious ill health or unforeseen changes to family responsibilities, vets and veterinary nurses will be able to pause their CPD for up to six months, without the need to make up the hours when they return to work.

The second change introduced by the RCVS is to allow vets and veterinary nurses to carry over some of their CPD hours they have accrued in 2019 into 2020, to smoothen the transition to the new annual hourly requirement. Vets will be allowed to carry over 25 hours and veterinary nurses 10 hours. This will only apply once, in 2020 only, and is only applicable to vets and veterinary nurses who have been CPD compliant from 2017 to 2019 and have surplus hours to carry over.