It’s been confirmed by the Home Office that it has accepted the Migration Advisory Committee’s proposals that veterinary surgeons are added to the Shortage Occupation List. The Migration Advisory Committee published a report on the 29th May 2019, which recommended vets be restored to the list after being removed in 2011.

As the Government has now returned vets to the list, this should make it easier for veterinary surgeons from overseas to come and work in the UK. Being on the list means employers won’t have to conduct a resident labour market test to employ a vet from overseas, lower visa fees will apply for vets and it also provides exemption from the £35,000 minimum income threshold.

The RCVS president Niall Connell and the BVA president Simon Doherty have both said they are delighted and that both the RCVS and the BVA worked together to ensure this outcome.